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Let's start

In the face of the sheer volume of data coming from all sides, as the Chinese proverb says, "A picture is worth a thousand words", we created DATAPORTAL- a modern IT solution operating in the Cloud that enable users of telemetry modules manufactured by Inventia convenient and cost-effective access to the visualization or graphical presentation of numerical data in the form of colorful, animated images. This way of view the data becomes easy to understand meanings and assess the information, effectively isolate the user from unfriendly clear numeric form which is difficult to interpretation.

But creation and presentation graphics in Dataportal is not everything. It is also a tool to collect and make available historical data, monitoring, diagnostics, remote control and management of MT/ML modules series offered by Inventia. Easy to use and create synoptic screens, their scalability to any display on your desktop or mobile devices and ensure the security of processed and stored data are the main objectives we wanted to achieve this by pursuing our project. Do you succeeded? Please, rate it...

Currently Dataportal is still in BETA. All the planned functionality are not available yet. You can meet an unexpected behaviour, an effect of childhood thus may surprise. However, day after day will be changing through introducing an enhancements and new functionality and soon it will possible to run the full effects of our Project. Giving back Dataportal in still imperfect version is an expression of our confidence to you. We believe that our work will your appreciation, but we count on your understanding and look forward to comments and suggestions, which we could use.

How it works?

Main features of Dataportal

  • Ease of access from a web browser of desktop and mobile devices, just after creating your account
  • Use SCADA functionality immediately, without investing in their own servers, security and SCADA software licenses without loss of time needed for the implementation of the system - switch on the telemetry module and see it on!
  • Scalability - the ability to monitor both individual objects and individual variables as well as sophisticated telemetry systems involving hundreds of devices and thousands of monitored parameters
  • Through internet but in safety manner - user authentication, protection against unauthorized access thanks applied security mechanisms
  • Possibilities for data presentation and remote control typical for scada systems: animated graphics, maps, charts, tables, fields dynamic value display, switches, room units, the ignition, the fields to change parameter values, etc
  • Advanced account management with hierarchical structure, user rights selectively attributed

Dataportal in brief

  • Data to information conversion
  • Visualisation in Cloud
  • Visualisation by Internet
  • Interactive web service for presentation, diagnostic and reporting
  • Convenience in supervision and control of remote objects, devices from smartphone, tablet or mobile PC
  • Remote monitoring and control at any time, from anywhere - you know and see more
  • Telemetry solution opened for the whole world
  • The internet Magic Palantír to watch more...



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